Whoopie Pies – Recipes for trendy pies

Whoopie Pies – Recipes for trendy pies

Whoopie pies

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Whoopie pies, small sweet two-layers filled with cream, are conquering German cake buffets. All about pies and recipes to try.

They’re small and sweet, made of puff pastry with a creamy filling, and the latest baking trend to hit us from the US: pies. After muffins, cupcakes and cakes, cute little two-tiers are now conquering German cake buffets.

Whoopie pies are similar to macaroons, French meringues made with almond flour were the ultimate food hype a few years ago. But the pies are different: the cookies embedded in the cream are moist and soft, almost like a cake. Vovka pies are quick and easy to make: mix the ingredients and strain the dough into a tray using a piping bag. After baking the biscuit with a biscuit, press the cream on one biscuit and press the second one on it as a “cover” – it’s ready. At the end, if you want, decorate the dishes with toppings.

Baked candy halves can be stored in cookie jars or frozen. But don’t fill them in just yet. Depending on the cream, you can keep the brownies for several days, but the sweet sandwiches are simply the freshest.

And where does the strange name Wopie Pies come from? “Wow!” Some Americans scream when they are pleasantly surprised. By the way, pies have a long tradition in the US, especially on the east coast. In 2011, a congressman even wanted to make the pie the state’s official dessert. It failed due to opposition from Pennsylvanians, who also claim to have invented pies.

Two newly published cookbooks offer recipes for the pie trend:

Whoopies – Cute biplanes

Sarah Schocke’s slim volume, Whoopies, provides a concise introduction to pies with mouth-watering photos, practical tips and delicious recipes, from carrot cake with raspberry mascarpone filling to heart-shaped Valentines. Sarah Schocke: “Whooo.” Published by Gräfe and Unzer. 4.90 euros.

Anniversary birthday

Chocolate fudge, nut cream and lots of colorful sprinkles – what better way to say “Happy Birthday”? Go to recipe: About birthday

Cheese cakes

With cheesecake cream, raspberry swirl and lime zest, these tarts are a little temptation that’s hard to resist. Get the recipe: Cheesecake Whoopies

Whoopie pies

The book “Whoopie Pies” published by Compact Via is also dedicated to Whoopie Pie. Here are some great recipe ideas divided into the categories of ‘simply chocolatey’, ‘fruity and colorful’ and ‘subtle and unusual’. A special feature is a hearty handful of recipes. “Whoopie Pies”. Published via Compact. 9.99 euros.

Chocolate palms with cranberry filling

Dried cranberries and cranberry-cherry jam add a fruity note to the chocolate palms. Get the recipe: Chocolate Palms with Cranberry Filling

Whoopie Pies from BakeClub

On the YouTube baking network BakeClub, Mira shows step-by-step how to bake a pie.

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