What a juicy lemon cake! Michael serves fresh lemon pie

“First Cream” is the new VOX Back Challenge and will be hosted by Meltem Kaptan. Five hobby bakers compete against each other in a grand baking show. For five consecutive days, it is the candidates’ turn to cook their personal masterpiece. The challenge for other bakers is to cook this masterpiece without a recipe!

Host Meltem Kaptan knows very well how difficult it is to cook without a recipe. Meltem admits that yeast braids can quickly “look like a flattened earthworm.” It’s more important that hobby bakers from “Erste Sahne” bring courage, and if the marble cake lives up to its name in terms of consistency, a little humor can’t hurt.

Four copies of the masterpiece are then judged by the baker of the day, an expert and, of course, Meltem Captain himself. Who comes closest to the original? The winner will be announced at the end of the week and can look forward to a cash prize of €2,500.

“Erste Sahne – Wer baket the best?” Meltem Kaptan, the host of the show, is very pleased with the “fresh, lean, colorful and delicious baking show”, which also has a few surprises. But what does the moderator himself think about baking? For Meltem, it’s total relaxation—baking, especially at night, feels like yoga to her. Meltems Back to the classic? This is a juicy carrot cake with lime cream cheese. And what can be in the pastry shop? So she settled on coated apple pie.

You can read on VOX.de “The first cream – who cooks the best?” you can find all the videos and highlights from the movie.

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