Three favorite recipes from Annemarie Wildeisen: food for the soul


Annemarie Wildeisen’s (75) recipes not only fill you up, they make you happy.

When the big world outside is falling apart and just a little bit normal, for Annemarie Wildeisen (75), a call helps. Her recipes are reminiscent of grandma’s hot room – when your own little world was still in order. According to wild iron, cooking means not only being full, but also being happy.

She knows so many feel-good recipes that she even wrote an entire book called Soul Warmth. The common denominator of world pain foods: a good portion of fat. “I find fat a comfort food,” says the chef. “The oil covers everything, it feels like a hug.” Another similarity: the recipes are simple. Wildeisen’s credo is that you don’t have to struggle for hours in the kitchen.

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