Ten types of sandwich biscuits were tested and the recipe

Er may seem simple and banal. Nevertheless, the sandwich biscuit represents the first stage of sophistication that a bare biscuit made from buttery sweet dough can scale. It’s enhanced by an ingredient from the repertoire of classic confections: cream. During mass production, one type of whipped cake was changed to icing; instead of butter and cream, it contains cheaper coconut, palm, canola and sunflower oils, as well as lots of sugar. The recipe calls for a relatively stiff consistency for the biscuit; he has two cookies in a round sandwich.

While both market leader Prinzen Rolle from confectionery group Griesson de Beukelaer and rival Oreo offer highly tantalizing options, the flatness and caloric concentration of the regular chocolate sandwich biscuit is impressive. With sobriety, he subordinates that pleasure to satiety—but only to the extent that the so-called aftereffect can operate unimpeded.

Widespread in kindergartens, schools and universities, the double cracker is also broken up in offices, trains and buses, camping and picnics, and does not stop at hospitals and care facilities. Not only is it out there, it defies modern health advice and diet trends, as it promises a quick and simple boost no matter where you are.

Juicy nougat

Lotus is a phenomenon: the Belgian manufacturer first replaced Amarettini as an espresso accompaniment and is now preparing to enter the sandwich biscuit market. Probably responsible for the success in both cases: an intense, extravagant caramel tone. Anna Plagens, a “texture fanatic,” praised the biscuit and rich creamy filling, which was firm as speculoos; it’s nougat-based, but topped with a lingering accent of fire-crushed sugar.

Lotus Biscoff Milk Chocolate Flavour, 150g/€1.49, supermarket

Note 1

Italian enamel

A well-balanced creamy Nutella between compact balls of dough reflects the great Gianduia experience of Italy, including a full nut butter note and a clear salt accent. According to the pâtissier, when chewing Italian too, “you experience different things from crisp to soft, and then the filling closes everything up.” With a gentle melt.

Mulino Bianco Baiocchi con Crema alla Nocciola e Cacao, 260g/€2.89, centro-italia.de

Score 1-2

Character of butter

The Leibniz characteristic rectangles with serrated edges have a fat content of a good six percent and of course have the memory of a pre-competition biscuit cake. The filling, which is a little too smooth, has a slightly cooling effect on the tongue, and the taste, reminiscent of milk chocolate and Nutella, has something typical of a children’s birthday. Nice bread color but unfinished crispy top.

Leibniz Biscuit’n Cream Choco, 228g/€1.79, supermarket, pharmacy

2+ degrees

Nice bite

The Wittenberg company relies on dense cookies that feel incredibly hard between your teeth and begin to crumble outside your mouth. “A nice bite, but without cracking,” says Plagens. A strong malt note in a moderately sweetened body; this tempers the dark chocolate in the filling, which is accompanied by a subtle sugary and subliminal honey cake aroma.

Wikana Sandwich Biscuits with Cocoa Cream, 330 g/ €2.29, supermarket, pharmacy

2nd class

Serious love

“The salt is right there,” said our tester. This leads to an oven note that is not overpowering with honey, malt or vanilla. The biscuit exhibits very little stickiness – as if it can’t wait to crumble into a fine powder. A slightly oily, otherwise slightly dry and pleasantly thin filling conveys the cocoa tone that touches the cake and prevents the sweet side from fully developing. Minimal biscuit without excitement.

Pural Bio bio to Choc, 300g/€2.49, organic market, health food store

Score 2-3

Sweet crackling sound

Bite: unusually hard; When chewing a neutral-tasting biscuit, not much happens at first. Gradually, a meaty mush forms in the mouth, under which the chocolate-butter mixture of the filling (which makes you think of a protein chocolate shake) mixes energetically. As the cocoa tone fades, you can see how delicious the cream is. After all, it is flavored with vanilla, which looks quite natural.

Veganz Sandwich Biscuit Organic, 400g/€2.99, organic market, Edeka, pharmacy

Note 3

Visible stickiness

Plagens said there has to be something against the super-sweet pie: the clearly recognizable salt content. It tames the finely divided sugar and gives a wonderfully mineral twist to the “interplay of aged crumb with caramel”. Otherwise, the flat fill is clearly loyal to the Milka family. The noticeable stickiness inside may have something to do with the sweet whey powder. Cracks and fine-textured breakage are similar to tuc crackers.

Milka Choco Pause, 260g/€1.99, supermarket

3rd-4th grade

Dusty texture

In fact, the product of the large Turkish food and confectionery manufacturer can be confused with oat cookies at first – because the smell of the grain is much more prominent than the taste. There you will find hazelnut pulp, the typical sweetness of glucose and finally a good portion of synthetic vanilla. Our pastry chef judged that the current texture just seemed too powdery to him.

Ülker Canpare Chocolate Cream, 81 g/0.49 Euro, Turkish supermarket

4th grade

Impasto filling

The market leader is productive, almost soft. Expert Plagens talked about “zero cookies” that leave only something like an aromatic pattern after chewing for a while. There is no cream in between, but a “paste composition of sugar, butter and cocoa”. Overall, the light-colored thalers, 6.5 centimeters in diameter, were probably constructed in such a way that their components were not very different from each other.

DeBeukeleaer Prinzen Rolle, 400g/€1.49, supermarket

4th-5th grade

Uncooked body

Discount goods from Edeka have rounded themselves back, their close relatives are Aldi’s “Biscotto Doppelkeks Kurpfalz” and Rewe’s “Ja! Double number of biscuits. There is no crunch in the uncooked, almost empty-tasting cereal body. Despite the cocoa color of the filling, to speak of the aroma in a narrower sense doesn’t want it, but rather a source of information about the reduced sweetness in fat.

Good and cheap double biscuits, 500g/€0.99, Edeka

5th grade

Biscuits testing: Thomas Platt (right) and Anna Plagens (centre)

Biscuits testing: Thomas Platt (right) and Anna Plagens (centre)

Photo: Julia Zimmerman

There is also a practical advantage: the lid and base act as an edible serviette and prevent fingers from sticking. Thus, the double biscuit meets the need to cut the processes of everyday events short and easy. For some, the consumption of this popular snack has already replaced a cigarette break.

Many of the ingredients that make up this miniature version of the cold dog can’t be found in the stacks of the bakery on Berlin’s Brunnenstrasse, as only the highest quality ingredients are used there. Anna Plagens, one of the few undisputed confectionary authorities in the capital, runs her “French Pastry Du Bonheur” here with great success.

With the imperial and royal court confectioner Demel in Vienna and Pierre Herme, a graduate student of the great Gaston Lenôtre in Paris, Plagens was certainly well-qualified to experiment with unusual cookies from the supermarket. But even at this level, something can happen that the confectioner is completely satisfied with: his charms are matched, and at the same time all the taste buds are ringing.

Laugh at you: Sandwich Biscuits from Anna Plagens

Laugh at you: Sandwich Biscuits from Anna Plagens

Photo: Julia Zimmerman

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