Recipes: Pear Pie and Red Wine Pears with Yogurt Cream

Pear Pie and Red Wine Pear

The smell of freshly baked pastry and cinnamon-infused red wine pears fills the bread as it bakes, Kathryn pops an autumn pear pie into the oven and red wine pears simmer in stock…

Freshly picked pears are the last fruit of the golden season. In Austria, “summer pears” are available from August, and autumn and winter pears from September. The fruit is incredibly versatile and can be eaten raw as a fruit snack, but it can also be made into cider, cakes, compotes, chutneys and more. Therefore, pears are used twice in this recipe. Catrin: in Shortcrust pear pie with juicy red wine pears on top of the yogurt mascarpone cream.


For the red wine pears:
4 pears
¾ l red wine
50 grams of sugar
Zest of ½ organic lemon
1 cinnamon stick

For the cream:
100 grams of yogurt
200 g of mascarpone
A little cinnamon and sugar

For the pear pie:
150 g of cold butter
250 g of flour
2 tablespoons of sugar (equivalent to 30 g)
100 ml of ice water
5 pears
1 tablespoon of lemon juice

For filling:
250 g of mascarpone
100 ml of whipped cream
1 egg (size L)
3 tablespoons of sugar

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