Low-Calorie Snacks: 5 Delicious Stomach Loss Snacks That Won’t Load Up Your Daily Balance

Here are five practical recipes for small snacks between meals.

Whether on the go or at home – these quick snacks in between are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings and take a big step towards your dream figure. All snacks are under 225 calories.

Recipes: 5 Best Low-Calorie Snacks

From Tomato Juice Cocktail to Ravioli Broth: In our photo gallery above, you’ll find five of the best homemade snack recipes between meals – Bon appetit!

Attention: You should also pay attention to the amount of low-calorie snacks

It’s important to understand that a low-calorie snack is also a valuable meal and you can’t “reload” as much as you want without affecting your calorie count. An interesting experiment was carried out in this regard at the University of Surrey:

  • A group of 80 women were each given the same small portion of their favorite pasta. However, one group of these women was told that it was a whole meal, while the other group was told that the portion of noodles was sold as a snack. Then they led all the women to a room where you could help yourself to a variety of snacks. The surprising result: The group of women who were offered the food as a snack and ate it while standing ate 50 percent more snacks and 100 percent more chocolate beans than the group who were told to sit down and eat a real meal.
  • Study leader Jane Ogden concludes: “Snackers tend to eat more food. Because they don’t understand and don’t remember what they eat.”

Running, jogging, cycling, swimming, etc.

Which sport burns how many calories? How long should you run, bike, or swim to work out which snack?

Do sports icons help with snacking?

You can quickly satisfy a little afternoon hunger with our healthy and low-calorie snacks for between meals in our recipe photo gallery above. They keep us in a good mood until the next meal.

But what happens when we crave chips and the like? Most people know the pitfalls of snacks – once the bag is opened, the contents are destroyed in a short time.

The nutrition information on the packaging shows how many calories the snack attack contains. But sometimes it’s as obvious as Chinese characters.

The British consumer advocates of the Royal Society of Public Health thought so and called for sports icons on food. They are meant to show how much one has to run to get the calories from certain foods.

Nutritionists believe that symbols are easier and better understood by customers than conventional calorie and nutrition information.

Three small pictures will reveal how much energy is in a small 50 gram chocolate bar and how much we have to sweat on the treadmill for it, which means: To get out of treatment, you need to either run for 40 minutes. , 49 minutes by bike or 29 minutes by swimming.

Expert believes: No, icons do not help!

Nutrition expert Susanne Moritz of the Bavarian Consumer Advisory Center is skeptical of the new comparative sports numbers and pictograms. for Focus he revealed that he was confident that German consumers would be fine with digital calorie information on packaging.

Nutrition conscious consumers know their daily energy needs and only this category of consumers would pay attention to sports icons. According to an expert, if you’re not counting calories anyway, you won’t let the pictures get in the way of the snacks.

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