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It doesn’t always have to be jam… Hearty waffle creations are a bit more popular in the US than they are here. Berlin now has shops such as WonderWaffel that specialize in waffles, but mostly offer sweet products like ice cream and sweets. Savory waffles with scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese and maple syrup are still somewhat exotic and sometimes seem strange. Totally wrong….

This combination may sound strange at first, but the combination of sweet and salty goes together amazingly and is really delicious. By the way, our Peanut Caramel Popcorn is proof of that. It is not unusual to serve this type of waffle in America. There is even a successful fast food chain that focuses on this kind of creativity.

Waffle House branch in Indianapolis Credit: Shutterstock/ Jonathan Weiss

We have an original Waffle House recipe for you. So you too can enjoy a truly American, hearty waffle. If the combination of sweet and salty is too heavy for you, it is enough to reduce the amount of sugar in the recipe. By the way, in America, waffles are usually topped with a patty made of freshly whipped soft butter, which slowly melts from the slight heat. So it gets really “messy” and “American-Waffle-House-Style”. This is how we like American cuisine and its specialties, some are used to it.

Of course, we have other American delicacies in our program for you. Whether it’s American barbecue or sweets, our database has plenty for you to check out. Then it really goes to the waffle recipe, I promise!

American recipe apple pie on wooden background from above


Waffles on a wooden table with delicious ingredients.


Waffles with scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese and maple syrup – in the original “Waffle House” style


Everyone loves waffles! Be it children or adults, such a fresh waffle is almost inescapable. Also try our delicious waffles and convince yourself of the American Waffle House concept.


Prepare the waffle batter

  1. Mix flour, baking powder and salt in a bowl. Beat the eggs in a separate bowl. Add sugar, oil and solidified vegetable oil to the egg and beat until creamy using a hand mixer.

  2. Now add milk, cream and buttermilk to the egg mixture and mix well again. Then carefully mix our dry ingredients, continuing to mix slowly. The mass does not have to be completely homogeneous, if you continue to beat too hard, the waffles will not be very firm and fluffy, so it is better not to mix too smoothly, leaving a few small pieces inside.

  3. After covering and resting for at least 12 hours, bake in a waffle iron.

  4. Just before that, make a scrambled egg from 4 eggs and leave the bacon slices to crisp in a pan without oil. Place maple syrup and cheese on waffles. Then add the scrambled eggs and bacon and use another waffle as a lid. Have fun!

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