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Healthy Snacks: Low-Calorie Snacks for Snacks

When we’re hungry, we often reach for unhealthy snacks—fatigue and exhaustion are the result. Fill up on these healthy snack recipes and tips.

Healthy snacks: our top 10

What are healthy snacks?

1. Vegetable sticks with vegetable quark or hummus
2. Fresh fruit, now and then dried fruit
3. Nuts and seeds
4. Plain yogurt
5. Tomato and Mozzarella Salad
6. Homemade granola bars or energy balls
7. Cottage cheese with fruit or vegetables
8. Wholemeal bread with avocado or vegetable spread
9. Homemade vegetable chips, eg. B. from carrots, parsley, beets or cabbage
10. Crispy bread or rice cakes

When snacking, you can pay attention to:

If you want a snack, have a drink first large glass of water. Because we often confuse hunger with thirst, or reach for the little things in between out of boredom or stress. Light juice sprays with carbonic acid or sparkling water are particularly filling. Always have a glass ready when snacking!

Banning certain foods on principle can make you want them even more, and if you eat them, you are guaranteed to have a bad conscience. So treat yourself to something – but in moderation.
For unhealthy snacks like chips or gummy bears, it’s best to take a small portion, put it in a small container, and put the rest of the package back in the cupboard or drawer. That way, you won’t be tempted to empty the bag completely.

Healthy sweet snacks

Healthy sweets? Unfortunately, it’s too good to be true. But with homemade ones Granola bars, superfood pudding and oatmeal you can control your sugar consumption better than convenience foods and absorb valuable minerals. But it’s still good to reach for the fruit box when you’re hungry for a sweet snack.
A notice: Any sugar, including natural fructose, should be consumed only in moderation!

Healthy snacks that fill you up

What if you get a little hungry every now and then? valuable proteins out Eggs, cottage cheese, chicken and legumes keeping us full for longer, keeping us fit and curbing cravings.

nuts and avocado full of minerals and healthy fats that keep our brain in shape. High in fiber whole grain products satiating for a long time and preventing the afternoon slump.

What vegetables are suitable between meals?
There are no limits to imagination here. Vegetables in raw form, cut into sticks or in salad form are always suitable. It fills you up and is low in calories. You can saute vegetables in cottage cheese or other home-made dips, e.g. B. from peas. Alternatively, you can make your own vegetable chips. Cabbage chips are especially popular. For this, the desired amount of cabbage is first washed, and then chopped into small pieces. Spread the cabbage on a baking sheet and bake. Here’s a recipe for kale chips.

Healthy snacks for weight loss

Those looking to go carb-free in the afternoon or especially in the evening will get their money’s worth with these low-carb snacks: ham, vegetables and The plant quark provide essential protein and vitamins without putting an unnecessary burden on the body, and contains a maximum of 18 g of carbohydrates per serving.

What healthy snacks are delicious in the evening?

Mindful eating without distraction is an important component of healthy eating. But we like to eat chips and similar snacks especially in the evenings in front of the TV. For healthier snacks like homemade lean snacks crispy, Grissinihome made crusty bread and Curd sauce you can access them with pleasure and save calories. In general, low-carb snacks are also suitable for the evening.

Healthy eating: recipes and tips

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