Halloween Cake Pops Recipe: How to make spooky cake pops

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From him: Janine Napirca


Looking for some Halloween snack inspiration? This is how you make the famous and popular Halloween cakes (German: cake lollipops) yourself.

Halloween is just around the corner. On October 31, not only in the United States, many people celebrate the scary festival. In Germany too, traditions and customs, and thus above all Halloween decorations and recipes, enter many households. Are you celebrating Halloween and still looking for suitable culinary treats? How about something sweet (or savory) like spooky Halloween cakes?

Sample image – not actual recipe image

Chocolate Spider Muffins are also perfect on the Halloween table. Like a mold cake – don’t worry, the GDR classic doesn’t really go moldy – or you bake “Crispy, crunchy, knead” crispy witch fingers with blood sauce.

Scary Cake Lollipop Recipe: Ingredients for Halloween Cake

To bake 20 scary cake lollipops for Halloween party, you will need the following ingredients.

For the Halloween Scary Cake Lollipops Cake Batter:

  • 180 grams of butter

    110 grams of sugar

    2 eggs

    1 pinch of salt

  • 1/2 package of vanilla sugar

    125 grams of flour

    1 teaspoon of baking powder

For the Halloween decoration of your scary cakes:

  • 200 g of white couverture

    50 g dark chocolate couverture

  • Food coloring (for example, orange and green or orange and pink, as in the example image)
  • Cake pop sticks/sticks for lollipops
  • various sprinkles, edible sugar eyes, black chopsticks, etc.

Making: Scary Cake How does cake pop lollipops for Halloween?

  1. Preheat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius fan/fan (170 degrees Celsius fan).
  2. Cream together 125g of butter, sugar, eggs, salt and vanilla sugar, then add the flour and baking powder and mix until the batter for Halloween Cake Lollipops is smooth.
  3. Cover a springform pan with baking paper, fill the dough and bake for about three quarters of an hour. Just before the end of the baking time, use a skewer to test the Halloween cake before removing it from the oven and let it cool completely on the baking sheet.
  4. Sift the dough into a bowl and mix the cake once with a mixer on the lowest setting. Cake batter for Halloween lollipops will be especially good if you gradually add the remaining softened butter and mix with your hands.
  5. Make small balls of the cake crumbs, then refrigerate them for at least two hours to firm up.
  6. Finely chop the couverture and take four cups. Put the dark chocolate on one, divide the white couverture evenly on the other three. Place the glasses in a water bath and let the white and dark chocolate melt. Add the food coloring of your choice to two of the white chocolate filled cups, for example orange for the pumpkin and green for the wolf, or you can choose a nice old pink pastel shade like in the sample picture.
  7. Dip one end of the cupcake sticks into your desired chocolate color, then insert into the dough balls. Before decorating, put the cake lollipops back in the fridge for about 15 minutes so that the Halloween cake lollipop sticks are really firm.
  8. Using an inverted strainer or block of Styrofoam, gradually remove the cakes from the refrigerator to glaze. Dip the cake in the chocolate color of your choice and decorate the lollipops as desired. Place the painted Halloween lollipops on a colander or foam block to dry.

Inspiration on how to decorate your Halloween cake

Green food coloring for Frankenstein’s monster

For green Frankensteinmonster lollipops, for example, dip a Halloween cake in green chocolate and then dip the head in chocolate sprinkles (for hair). You can either stick on the eyes like candy eyes or draw them with a black food pen.

Paint white ghosts on Halloween cakes

For Halloween spirit, dip a brownie lollipop in white chocolate, draw a face with a black food pen and decorate with other colored sprinkles – get as personal and creative as you like.

Orange Pumpkin Pie Lollipops

For the pumpkins, dip Halloween cupcakes in orange chocolate and draw faces with a black edible marker. Alternatively, you can also use toothpicks and dark chocolate to decorate your cake lollipops.

Dark chocolate spider web

You can, for example, use dark chocolate to draw spider webs on Halloween cakes, or you can dip a cake lollipop directly into the dark chocolate and decorate it with colored sprinkles.

Once all the Halloween cakes are painted, refrigerate them until ready to eat.

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