Dog Advent Calendar: Vegan, vegetarian, organic and book-like

If Master and Mistress are happy with an advent calendar before Christmas, Bello and Bonnie should get one too. We looked at dog advent calendars that produce less packaging waste and score points for sustainability. Here are what we think are the best advent calendars for dogs and their owners: from vegan to vegetarian to advent calendars that come in book form.

It belongs to the pre-Christmas era that thinks like cookies and an Advent wreath: the Advent calendar. 24 little surprises sweeten the Advent season for young and old – and more often than not, for our four-legged friends. Although dogs don’t understand much about Advent and Christmas: nice food is always nice! And anyone who has a dog knows that when he is happy, his owner’s heart beats faster. A nice side effect: You can check which treats the dog likes before buying them in large packages, and then the fur nose doesn’t like them.

24 x food, 24 x Christmas Eve

Advent calendars for dogs are like many Advent calendars for us humans: the content is often of poor quality and poorly produced. And calendars create a lot of packaging waste.

So we started looking for alternatives – and found some dog advent calendars that are significantly better in terms of durability than many of the usual calendars out there right now. Here is ours Tips for vegan, vegetarian, and organic advent calendars for dogs. Additional tips for book advent calendars for dog lovers.

Vegdog: Vegan Dog Advent Calendar

Better and more sustainable advent calendars for dogs

Young Vegdog company presents an exclusive advent calendar sustainable and vegan dog food. In addition to the Veggies skin care and Veggies immune range, there are new Vegdog products to try and store vouchers. When all the snacks are eaten and the surprises are found, you can reuse the calendar insert – for example, as an exciting box.

buy: above vegetable dog for about 40 euros

Fredos Bread: Vegetarian Advent Calendar

Better and more sustainable advent calendars for dogs

In 24 bags you will find four varieties of delicious dog biscuits – all are vegetarian, one is vegan: Carrot Biscuits and Herbs, Banana Biscuits and Blueberries, Apple Biscuits and Cheese, Red Love Biscuits. All dishes are grain-free, made in Germany and 100 percent vegetarian, with organic quality eggs.

buy: above Fredos for about 30 euros

Good Petfood: a sustainable advent calendar for dogs

Better and more sustainable advent calendars for dogs

Delicious behind the 24 doors of the good advent calendar, grain-free sweets in various forms, the meat comes only from certified free range. The calendar is fully recyclable, 100 percent mineral oil-free, and provides 1 m² of blooming space all year round.

buy: above Good pet food for 15 euros

Green pawly advent calendar for dogs

Better and more sustainable advent calendars for dogs

Gourmet fun for dogs: 6 types of fresh muscle meat, 2 types of vegetables and two hand-baked organic Advent cookies – everything environmentally friendly packaging. “No sugar, gluten, slaughterhouse waste or unnecessary chemical additives such as preservatives, attractants, sweeteners or colors end up in our bags,” say the manufacturers. A climate-friendly printed product thanks to CO2 offset.

buy: above Green Claw or Amazon for about 27 euros.

Dog Love Organic Advent Calendar for Dogs

Better and more sustainable advent calendars for dogs

24 servings of organic goodness await the door opener. The Dog Love Advent Calendar includes treats organic qualityMade in Austria. Includes more than one meal per window.

buy: above cooking pot for about 25 euros

KaraLuna: Organic dog snack advent calendar

Better and more sustainable advent calendars for dogs

Delicious food is hidden behind 24 small doors Organic dog treats Flavors of cheese, beef and apple are made into small dog biscuit bread. All ingredients come from controlled organic production and are free of wheat, sugar and salt additives, as well as artificial colors and preservatives.

buy: above Amazon for about 15 euros

“24 Little Joys for Dogs”: Advent Calendar Book

Better and more sustainable advent calendars for dogs

Dog lovers will find each other in 24 chapters Ideas for healthy dog ​​food recipes, treats and activities like cookies and biscuits. So it will be a season of Advent that is not only delicious, but also fun.

buy: above Amazon for about 9 euros

“24 baking mat recipes” – Advent calendar in book form

Better and more sustainable advent calendars for dogs

With a baking mat, you can easily make your own cookies and dog treats. Homemade sweets are guaranteed to be free from artificial colors, preservatives, sugar and other harmful additives. You will find 24 chapters for each day in the Advent calendar book Recipe to cook yourself.

buy: above Amazon for about 9 euros

You can find treats for dog food Otto or Amazon

A Schnauzer’s Winter Journey: An Advent Calendar for People With Dogs

Better and more sustainable advent calendars for dogs

Schnauzer’s Winter Journey a A thoughtful Advent calendar book for people with dogs. The Schnauzer, the “human-dog representative,” allows you to see the world through the eyes of a dog and invites you to pause and take in. Here you can think, learn new things, rediscover what you know or just enjoy. Includes organic scented oil for relaxation exercises, a canvas bag for scent carriers, and a figured game board.

buy: above moustache or Amazon for about 34 euros

The Meaning and Meaninglessness of Advent Calendars for Pets

Need an Advent calendar for dogs? No, of course not. Dogs don’t know what to do with Christmas and Advent, but they sure are happy when there are special surprise treats for them. Finally, dog advent calendars are advent calendars for dog owners, not calendars for dogs. And there’s nothing wrong with that – provided that the contents, manufacture and packaging are suitable.

For some people, an Advent calendar with vegetarian or vegan delicacies can also be a reason trying new foods. Because dogs don’t necessarily have to be fed meat – a vegetarian or even vegan diet is possible if you’re up for it as a dog owner.

Create your own dog arrival calendar

Instead of buying a dog advent calendar, you can make a durable dog advent calendar yourself. Absolutely simple DIY zero waste idea: Hide small dog treats (you can make your own, of course!) in empty toilet paper rolls for each day of Advent. Fold the ends – and the dog party before Christmas is complete. A stuffed toilet seat turns into a fun hidden object game for your dog every day. At Green Petfood you’ll find some ideas including DIY instructions – ready to print too.

Hint: A dog arrival calendar is not only a surprise for your four-legged friend, but also a great gift for your friends or relatives who have dogs. Here are more sustainable gift ideas for dog owners:

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