Dinner with a difference: The best snacks and drinks for a good night’s sleep

A different dinner
The 5 best snacks and drinks before bed

Dinner with a difference: The five best bedtime snacks and drinks

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We often only realize how important good sleep is when we don’t get enough. Inner peace and balance for the next day largely depends on how much energy we can recharge during the night. In fact, our diet also plays an important role.

A balanced diet is important for our health. Our five tips show how you can use it to influence your sleep and what insider tips from the kitchen can help you get a good night’s sleep.

Appearances are deceiving

Especially in hot summer temperatures, light meals like salads are a tasty and light alternative on the plate. But did you know that salad is far from helpful when trying to induce a restful night’s sleep? Especially raw food is a real treat. Next time, avoid eating raw vegetables before going to bed – they are difficult to digest and therefore require a lot of energy and can quickly deprive you of sleep.

The princess and the pea

Peas can be used in many ways. Delightful in curry, oven-roasted, or classically known as hummus, they’re not only delicious when made, but can safely transport you to dreamland. Did you know, among other things, they are a real insider’s tip due to their sleep-promoting calcium and magnesium content. By the way, they are also super healthy and really tasty. A real change from unhealthy chips. Next time, don’t hesitate to take a pea – a good night’s sleep is almost guaranteed.

Almond: Small but mighty

Almonds are a true all-rounder when it comes to a restful sleep that is not too noticeable at first glance. If you have a craving for snacks in the evening, you can boldly grab them. A handful of nutrient-dense almonds can provide almost 20 percent of your daily magnesium needs. Thanks to their high melatonin content, they are a real insider’s tip for a restful night, as this hormone has a sleep-promoting effect.

Green secret weapon

Looking at the fruit basket, it seems almost unremarkable, but kiwi is a real miracle. Several studies have examined the small fruit’s effects on better sleep and agree: kiwi is one of the best foods to eat before bed. 42 percent of study participants who ate two kiwis an hour before bed fell asleep faster. If you have trouble falling asleep, you should definitely put fruit on your shopping list before your next trip to the supermarket.

Herbs for inner comfort

When it comes to sleep, teas are true all-rounders. Therefore, it is recommended to end the day with a glass of herbal tea before going to bed. Lemon balm or lavender in particular can help you have a restful night. They have a calming effect and are therefore not only good against anxiety, but can also induce deep sleep.

Source: healthline.com


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