Author Ursula Schersch takes the reader on a pleasant journey around the world

WARTBERG AN DER KREMS. “Travel and food” – Ursula Schersch from Wartberg lives full of these two passions. The journalist, photographer and food blogger published her second cookbook, Taste of Travel. It takes the reader on a culinary journey to 31 countries around the world.

A culinary journey around the world is possible with Wartberg author Ursula Schersch’s recently published cookbook. Growing up on a small farm in Micheldorf, he soon moved far away. He has lived in the United States, Spain and Polynesia, traveled the world and visited more than 50 countries. Ursula Schersch combines her two passions “food and travel” with her blog “Taste of Travel”.

Look over the shoulders of the hosts while cooking

“I wanted to be able to eat food at home that I was familiar with while traveling. For lesser-known dishes, there is no way to cook them yourself. It involves extreme test cooking until it is as close to the original as possible. In private neighborhoods, traveling at a deliberately slow pace, you meet the hosts and can look over their shoulders. You can also learn the basics at home or in home cooking courses,” says the Wartberg native, who works as a freelance culinary journalist.

Various dishes are served

Even before she started her food blog, she had an idea for a cookbook. “I wanted to collect my favorite recipes from around the world and share my culinary discoveries with others. When you look beyond national and continental borders, food can be very diverse. If you’ve never tried Thai curry, Brazilian pao de queijo (cheese bread) or Italian torta caprese, you’re missing out! With this book, I want to create something you love to hold in your hands and cook the whole world with it. So you can take your vacation home,” stresses Ursula Schersch, who is passionate about the combination of travel and cooking. “Traveling is only half as interesting without trying the regional cuisine. And cooking without the influence of other countries.”

Street cuisine with the most authentic dishes

And which country does the author “taste” more? “Every country has food that inspires me. During my travels, I was particularly attracted to street cuisine – because it often offers the most authentic and also the best snacks and meals with an ancient tradition. I especially like Indian food, Southeast Asian cuisine (Thailand, Vietnam) and the United States. Not to be missed: Austrian pastry. Because nothing is complete without pancakes, Kaiserschmarrn and cottage cheese dumplings,” laughs Ursula Schersch. After many trips, he returned to Kremstal and currently lives in Wartberg: “After a long year of city life, a little greenery in front of the eyes is very good. In the country, you often have no choice when it comes to international food, but you have to know how to help yourself and cook this or that national cuisine yourself.”

A draft of the heart that should delight readers

The author spent thousands of hours and more than a year on the book. This is definitely his heart project. It includes the blog’s most popular recipes as well as new recipes. “Many of the recipes I prepared specifically for the book are not on the blog,” the author says.

The book’s focus is on feel-good cuisine and true “soul food”—that is, food that actually tastes good and makes you happy. Includes everything from breakfast recipes to quick everyday meals, weekend recipes, appetizers and meals for social gatherings, pastries and desserts. Each recipe is illustrated with a large photo, most recipes have additional step photos that make cooking easier. There are about 500 photos in the book. Despite their distant origins, the recipes can be made with mostly local ingredients. “I already took this into account when choosing the recipes, because I like to cook regional and seasonal food. By the way, many recipes are vegetarian,” says Ursula Schersch.

The cookbook “Taste of Travel” was published by Gräfe und Unzer Verlag and contains around 100 recipes from 31 countries. More information here

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