A recipe for vegan one-pot pumpkin pasta with a sprinkle of walnuts

Are you ready for pumpkin season? As you know, pumpkin dishes find their way into many kitchens in the fall, and for good reason: Pumpkin is delicious and can be used in many ways. We’ve got a super quick and delicious organic pumpkin pasta recipe for you.

With that Pumpkin pasta You have a delicious and warm meal for autumn. The Hokkaido pumpkin you can usually get it in every supermarket and often from regional farming. the dried tomatoes as well as lemon ensure the special aroma of pasta.

Thanks to the quick one-pot preparation, pumpkin pasta can be easily integrated into everyday life. The noodles are perfect to eat a pot, the like curls written enerBiO. Spelled is the archetype of wheat and in addition to it good endurance more protein and minerals more than that. Other Plus point of EnerBiO writing coils: Since it is used, you don’t have to worry about long-distance transportation Spelled comes from 100% German organic farming.

Nuts are often used for eating, especially in the cold season. They are a good source of fiber. the enerBiO nut the one pot pumpkin pasta is high in ingredients Omega 3 fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids and pumpkin pasta a slightly sour, nutty note.

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How to make pumpkin pasta in one pot:

Pumpkin pasta in a bowl sprinkled with walnuts

  • Preparation: about 30 minutes
  • The crowd: 4 servings